"Speak softly and carry a big stick"

In honor of today's holiday (President's Day), I have decided to have a little tribute to my fav prez, Teddy Roosevelt. Or as I fondly refer to him, T.R.

I think he's just the bee's knees. He cleaned up corporate America but still knew how to handle a gun. What's not to love?

He also sort of reminds me of my dad. Do you see the resemblance kinda? Imagine Papa Fourchy with glasses and a stache.



 See what I mean?

Anyway, who is your favorite president? The classic Lincoln? Little Jimmy Madison? Obamarama? Fill me in!

Happy Holiday!!


Jac said...

TR all the way!

holly said...

If only that hottie Alexander Hamilton was allowed to be president....

Ashley said...

the spitting image!


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