Oh Margot!

Seeing as it's snowing, I don't have work today, and I am generally lazy, I have stayed inside on my couch (or what I call my "day bed"). And what better movie to watch on a snow day than The Royal Tenenbaums, my all time favorite?
And it's making me think. I am so obsessed with Margot Tenenbaum. Her raccoon eye makeup, loafers, shirt dresses, fur coat, secretive cig smoking are all so inspiring....why can't I attempt similar style??

It'll take one of each of the following:

The Lacoste dress: simple, classic, and Margot's uniform.

With all of this snow I neeeeeeeed a fox fur.

Stubbs and Woottons. But which ones?? 

I'd better just get both. My pair is wearing out....

The Hermes Kelly Bag

AKA The Holy Grail of Purses

This one may take 3 years on a waiting list  and $5,000 to obtain but obviously totally worth it.


Maybe not the healthiest part of the look. 

So there you have it! I'm so excited about bringing my Margot-inspired look to Oxford. Do you think it'll go over well at the Library Sports Bar on a Thursday night? Or Newks for lunch on Sunday? Haha. Now if only I could get Paul to dress up as Richie....

(for the complete look: dress, shoes, coat)

1 comment:

Paul Quinn said...

Do you think I could pull of Luke Wilson's look?


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