Minding the Gap

My good friend Lizy Heard is a Graphic Design major here at Ole Miss and for her thesis exhibition she chose to do a magazine. It's about that period that some of us (myself included) are going through: done with college (for the most part) but not quite grown up just yet. It's called "Mind the Gap"...clever/cute right?! She's got fabulous taste and a great eye for this kind of thing. And I was lucky enough to do a little bit of the writing for the mag! 

The photo above was taken for the "College to Career: The View from your Closet" shoot, and here's a sneak peek of the rest of it!! Please go check it out in Meek Hall when the exhibit is up. I'm not sure of the dates right this second, but I'll be sure to post a little reminder when the time comes!!

UPDATE: The exhibit is now UP until April 9th! Please go take a peek!

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Lizy Heard said...

love it! the show is up and will be until april 9th.. the reception is april 8 from 4-6! free food! please come ! :)


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