Face Off

Makeup, makeup, makeup.

I was joking the other day with a girl who works at Zoe that I was thinking about applying for a job there are realized I'm so wrong for it for one main reason: I don't wear any, and therefore have no clue about any of it!!

But I am so fascinated by it. I think some people are just good at applying it for themselves and on other people (uhhh Gucci Westman?!) But I just don't have any desire to put on anything but these:

Dior "Diorshow" mascara. I just like it because it smells really good.

Bobbi Brown blush. In VERY bright pink. Apply lightly.

Bobbi Brown simple lip gloss. 

Some people wear more than me of course...

And others even MORE...

 But I'm pretty low maintenance. I think it could be so fun to get more into makeup though! I watched this video but it seemed to only confuse me more (although I do like the bushy eyebrow shout out!). And I do own some Bare Minerals but I haven't really given it a try. 

Do you guys have any tips??
What does your beauty regimen consist of??

(all makeup at Neiman Marcus)

1 comment:

Lizy Heard said...

well cece. i am exactly the same as you.. the whole no makeup but should wear it thing. and my main products are the exact ones of yours.. haha


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