N.E.R.D.y Perfection

Pharrell Williams has been a long time celebrity crush of mine for many reasons: 

1. He has the second-best style of any guy (after Paul, of course)
 2. He has the ability to literally see music. Magic powers....?
3. He is the owner of the most amaaaazing Miami penthouse apartment.

I saw this spread in Conde Nast's supplementary magazine Fashion Rocks like two years ago and I discovered what love means. Amazing views, combined with the most awesome modern, pseudo-pop-art collection make his residence a must-see.

Here are some more shots of his art:

And this next one here is evidence that we're meant to be:

And he used to date Jade Jagger who is a Libra and jewelry designer. I'm a Libra and work in a jewelry store which is pretty much the same thing.

Next time I'm in MIA I'll have to go knock on his door and request a tour. Surely we'll be BFF in no time. 


Paul Quinn said...

so sad ....

Liz said...

LOVE HIM, i wanna join the miami trip. You can be his BFF and i will be his GF. :)

Cece Fourchy said...

Haha, sounds good Liz!! Can't wait


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