A French Dinner

Ah! To be in Paris like Carrie. If only. 

Instead, I'm in Oxford. And recently I've been doing some thinking...about cooking!

I've only attempted to cook a few things and while those who were forced to eat my concoctions were very polite about the whole thing, all cooking experiences have been terrible, quite frankly. 

Growing up with a mother who is a famously good cook, I defintiely value food and cooking, and I want to make that a part of my life! Tonight for instance, I want to try something tres simple, et tres French!

Arugula is my favorite green and a little salad would be perfect (and healthy!).

Mmmmmm. Classic roast chicken. A must, especially for a francophile's dinner.

Malbec. An Argentine wine, but so good I'm willing to sacrifice the purity of my French meal.

Baguette, of course!

And then this entire cake. (Yeah, right. I'll settle for some M&Ms).

Carrie would definitely approve, right?? Now, we'll just have to see how this goes. Any tips from expert chefs?

Just like moi et la petit Biscuit!

(all images from Bon Appetit and HBO)

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