Tope it Up

I was reading about this amazing park in Costa Rica that has a ton of interesting topiaries, and the idea of having a garden of little ivy shapes and creatures has entered my mind and won't leave!

I would love to have a herd of elephants

Or a little garden of spheres and columns

While imagining my sculpted plot it came to me....I haven't really seen many topiaries in Mississippi. Does this have something to do with the climate? Or maybe I've missed their existence? 

Anyway, I think I might give it shot when I get my first house! I read up on it here and they don't seem too too difficult. These are some of my favorite frames:

The hen is currently in first place. Can't you see a cute little mother hen by a garden gate?? 

All frames are from here.

What about you guys? Do you dream of perfectly coiffed ivy like myself?

1 comment:

Jac said...

I like the elephants! hehe so funny!


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