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I have fantasies about becoming an all-knowing business owner and conquering the world of chic, and maybe I'm crazy but I feel like if I buy an iPad it will happen within 24 hours.

"She's bought into all of the hype" you say. Yes, yes indeed I have. 

I have become obsessed with the iPad and I know that if I get one all of my wildest dreams will come true. 

Sure, it may not fit in with my dreams of a boho-chic lifestyle...

But it would just be so cool!!

And I could get a cute little bag like one of these to tote it around in:

Eekkkkk!! Now if only I had an extra $500.....

Totally willing to take donations, btw.

What do you guys think? Is it worth it? Or is the iPad just another passing craze?

bags from here, other images from here


Ashley said...

i love reading your blog :)

xoxo, ashley

Cece Fourchy said...

thanks girly!!

gara said...

You have a fun blog. Glad I met you at Two Stick lastnite. As for your question... As a "Mac" person, I think iPad won't be a passing fancy. Apple products are stable, extremely user friendly, wonderful products. Just do your research first to see if it's what you really want. I'm waiting to see, myself, how it goes. My iPhone is my baby and has been for nearly 3 yrs. so I feel very attached & biased toward it.

Cece Fourchy said...

Glad I met you too! I'm definitely going to make an informed decision about the ipad. I am already a mac user, but perhaps I should first make the transition to the iphone before I make the leap to the ipad. We'll just see!

whenipaintmymasterpeice said...

oh cece... found your blog and i love it. we need some friend time outside of bottletree... see you tuesday:)


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