Cheap Thrills!

Recently I've really been feeling the heat of the recession. Working two minimum-wage jobs is fun and gratifying, but the dark cloud that is graduation looms. The pressure of starting a career and being on my own is fierce. I'm trying to save up for things like a car, my rent, etc, and I've been feeling sort of down without a whole lot of extra cash to spend. However, I'm coming up with tons of ideas for thrifty fun!

Shopping in a vintage store or Goodwill is even more fun that cruising the Neiman Marcus website or expensive boutiques. Everything has a story, and you can get so much with so little!

Going to the library not only supports local programs but is also FREE. The whole universe is at your fingertips! And the Oxford library is full of great Southern reads. Also, the school library has an awesome movie selection. Also free. 

I fully intend to take my sweetheart on a romantic rustic picnic this summer. So much more personal than the dingy atmosphere of a restaurant like....City Grocery. Haha. But how sweet does this seem? I'm bringing outdoor dining back this summer. 

How do you guys pinch your pennies?? Any fun ideas?


Marly said...

you could always telephone our favorite pi kappa alpha for some of that picnic advice... :)

Cece Fourchy said...

Haha...I'm sure he would just LOVE that. Maybe I'd have the pleasure of hearing some of his poetry...?

Marly said...

while wearing that beret as seen on his recent fb pic!


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