The New Etiquette Bible

The other day at Square Books I had a minor freak-out when I saw that they had a copy of Classy by Derek Blasberg, a new book that I've been dying to get my hands on!

Like Emily Post before him, Derek Blasberg has some excellent advice for young ladies like myself. He breaks down everything a 20-something needs to know to keep up her social graces. From how to set a table for a dinner party to cell-phone regulations, Derek doesn't spare a single detail. And all with a great sense of humor!

(the writer--- check out those funky socks! photo from style.com)

You may know the author from one of the various magazines he contributes to (Bazaar, Vogue, W and many others), or from editing the Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen coffee table book called Influence. Even if you've never read his work before, you're bound to fall in love with his witty advice in Classy

Here are some of my favorite quips from the book:

"A lady knows to be herself. Unless she's an asshole."

"A lady eats carbs if she wants."

"A lady always thanks her host or hostess first when attending a party."

"A lady, if she desires a designer item, will work hard and pay for the authentic version."

and my #1:

"A lady is never worried about possessing intelligence. Being coquettish or dainty for the sake of being dainty are ideas that smart women know are archaic."

His little volume is chock-full of clever quotations, drawings, photos, and general good advice for the modern girl. Not to mention is some super-cute packaging! 

I definitely recommend this read!

 If you aren't lucky enough to head into Square Books anytime you like, you can buy this little gem of a read here.

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