A New Day Has Come

That's right! I got an iPhone. I couldn't be happier. Get excited for more e-mails from me and tons of pictures! 

A while back I was contemplating a sleek gold case from Amazon to protect my new BFF.

But now I've changed my mind! Check out this adorable Kate Spade number.

Or I could get real crazy and purchase this bedazzled cutie:

Or maybe get it professionally encrusted with jewels. Hmmmm. 

Well, if I follow my usual decision making system--WWPD? (What Would Pharell Do)-- I would go for the gold, considering his cover is literally solid gold.

What do you guys think? Any cool ideas?!


1 comment:

Paul Quinn said...

I think the gold one is very Cece! PS - Graduation is right around the corner and a few ideas for a nice grad present would be ... this one or this one, this one.

But I really like the first one.


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