When in Rome

Feeling inspired by brave Roman warriors before me -- or at least by their footwear--  I have secretly been searching for a pair of gladiator sandals. I know, I know, I'm behind the times and sooooo trendy. And this may be, but ever since I saw my girl MK sporting this look a while back I was convinced.

Unfortunately, I don't have the same access to Chanel merchandise that the Olsens do, but I do have access to Therapy on the square! And that's where I went on my lunch break yesterday. Thank goodness I did because I finally found the perfect sandal for me!

Cute right?! My pair are brown, but I think black is cute too. They're made by Ciao Bella, and for such a cute and comfy shoe they didn't break the bank! I've been wearing them around the maison and so far they're my fave sandals. I'm so excited to sport them at the house of bling tomorrow. 

 I know gladiators have been done but I do love the look! What do you guys think about them?

If you can't make it to Therapy, snag my shoes here.

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