My Coffee Table

Since I've just moved, I'm looking for lots of stuff for my new living quarters! I really like the idea of using this coffee table from Wisteria (my fave), or something like it. There are tons of great places to shop for furniture in Little Rock so I'm excited to look around here.

And of course, with a new coffee table come new coffee table books!

These are the ones I'm jonesing for the most:

I have the other Kate books and I'd like to complete my set!

I am obsessed with the film (my mom and I call each other Big Edie and Little Edie...weird? whatevs)


Well, there you have it! Do you think Paul would agree with these choices? I've tried to introduce him to my interests (painting nails together, watching the Rachel Zoe Project over triple non-fat vanilla lattes) but none have stuck so far. Hmmmm.

What are your favorite coffee table books? Any further suggestions? 

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